Go to your profile "Vkontakte" and wait for a while. After about 10-15 minutes of inactivity the system will think you left the site, and write "Online" beside your name will disappear. Instead, it is written the time at which you went in your profile. However, if you don't close the page, you will thus be able to make yourself invisible "Vkontakte" and watch in real time which of your friends are online, all incoming mail, publications and "likes" on your page from friends, etc. If you do the same actions on the page you will see all the updates on the pages of friends and groups to which you belong.
Limit your privacy settings to make yourself invisible "Vkontakte" to unauthorized individuals. Enable the option "Only friends" next option "Who can view my page". As a result, all other visitors of your profile will always see the inscription "Page closed privacy settings".
Use one of the free or paid programs to work with this social network, for example, VkLife. Some of these applications have a special script thanks to which you will be able to make a page "Vkontakte" is invisible, even if you perform any actions. Be careful and download only those programs that have reviews from actual users and are secure domains, and never leave the username and password from your personal page. Otherwise, attackers can hack into your profile.
Try to make the page invisible by going to your profile via the home page "Vkontakte", which usually has the form profile.php. Go to the website, for example, the link and do not go to "My page". So you can use all the main functions of "Vkontakte", with the exception of browsing through your pages and pages of other users. This will be enough to listen to audio, receive, and read personal messages without status "Online" on your page. However, such tricks may not work because the regulator gradually closes the "holes" in system security that prevent its normal operation.