Start your preferred browser and navigate to it on the social networking site "Vkontakte". Enter your personal username and password in the appropriate fields to log into your account and get on the main profile page.
Note the menu on the left side of the page and click on "My settings". Go to the tab "Privacy". In the section "My page", click on "Who can be seen in the list of my friends and subscriptions". In the window that appears click in turn for those users from your list of friends you want to hide, with the result that they will move to the right side of the window. Hit "Save changes".
Specify additional privacy settings, clicking on the "Who sees my hidden friends". For example, if you want to avoid being seen by their users "Vkontakte", select "Only me". You can also make a hidden page visible only for certain contacts or only friends of friends, etc. Please note that privacy settings apply to your subscription, which is displayed in a separate list on the main page.
Scroll the page with the modified settings down and click on the link "View, as you can see the page by other users." So you can check how it will look from the changed friends list, and if you have done it correctly.