The most commonly used browsers which are used by the citizens of the Russian Federation, visiting social networks, is Firefox and Opera. On the basis of their settings, and you can find some ways to visit incognito social network "In Contact". It is important to know that the status "invisible", you can view all the pages of the social network, with the exception of your profile - profile.php.

When using Firefox browser

Typing the command about:config, and then you will see the display settings of the browser. In the "Filter" look "network.http.redirection-limit" and set its value to "0" by erasing the default value of "20". This action will disable the redirect in the browser.

Next, go to your personal page of the social network through the use of their personal data. If done correctly, you will see the error message. Go on to any page of the social network "In Contact", without forgetting that you can't go on profile.php.

Finally, open again your browser settings and set the indicator "network.http.redirection-limit" initial value "20".

If you use Opera browser

Open the program browser and the main menu, find "Tools". Click on it and the opened submenu, select the following item - "Settings". After you open the settings window, locate the "Advanced" tab, then it activate the option "Network", clicking the appropriate button.

In the window that appears, locate the inscription "Enable automatic redirection" and uncheck this box. Follow the same procedures as described above in the instructions work with the Firefox browser for visiting the social network "In Contact".

A versatile way to stay "invisible" regardless of the browser

Go to your personal page "In Contact" and make the transition to "private messages". Without any action, wait 15 minutes is the time limit for connecting to a site "In Contact". Then you can go to the desired page of the social network, except profile.php.

So with the help of simple manipulations, you can visit any page of the network "In Contact", while remaining "invisible" to their owners. The main thing you need to remember to stay "invisible" you can't go to the tab "My Page" or home page of another user, otherwise all your incognito will be solved.