If you have any need to remove unnecessary lists of friends, then in this section find the option "Edit". Select any list and click "Remove".
There is another way to delete friends lists. In the section "My friends", select any unnecessary list. Next to it you will see the option "Delete list". Clicking on this label you can quickly get rid of any of the chosen list.
Also every person who has a Vkontakte page, there are not only friends, but unwanted followers, which are very difficult to get rid of. Still delete its users is almost impossible. However, still there are a couple of ways to remove subscribers. Send the user a message that he was removed from the list of your subscribers. Or record of a person who has subscribed to your page, in the black list. After that, he is automatically removed from the list of your subscribers. In addition, it is possible to properly configure the privacy of messages on your page, and to protect themselves from undesirable people, and to leave access only to your friends.
So simply to remove unnecessary lists of friends and unwanted people of the subscribers. But better not enter into the list of those people with whom you are not going to communicate or know what the communication will be over by then. Then you won't have to remove anyone.