Need a sincere desire to help.

To start any help is possible, only if you sincerely want to help your close. Prayer can convey spiritual strength to the needy and help in a difficult situation quite unexpected way. Perhaps the closest person is aware of how to get out of a difficult situation, get help from someone, or something else that will bring resolution.

Rely on the wisdom of God.

When formulating requests do not use specific options for resolving a difficult situation for your loved one. The Lord is wiser than us and can offer a different, unexpected solution. For example, the phrase: "Lord, help me, please, (name) permission for him(her) a difficult situation in the family" may be more appropriate than to please this man, for example, changed spouse.

You can intervene in the fate of another person only to a certain limit.

Prayer can change the life of another person only if his willingness to change yourself. If a loved one is ready to change his life and is making in this direction, some efforts, then your prayer can be a powerful catalyst for positive change. In other cases, prayer may be just favorable backdrop for making more correct decisions, support and protection from serious mistakes.

Remember that only the people can change their lives with your help or without it. If he is not ready to take responsibility and change your situation, and you are very zealous in their requests, it is possible that you will begin to win over his problems. Must be a certain balance between his efforts and your prayer help.

The greatest is a mother's prayer for their children and group prayer.

It is known that a mother's prayer for her children has a special power, because children and parents have very strong ties. If the prayer involves several people, each following the participant strengthens the power of prayer 7 times. That is, the simultaneous prayer of two people with a certain request is stronger than the prayer of one person 7 times, three people – in 49 times, and so on.

Use the available prayers for the expression of requests.

You can choose any of the available to you prayers (the Lord's prayer, any prayer to the virgin Mary, Orthodox saints) and read them after reciting the request for assistance to another person. Help your close will come in proportion to the mental effort that you can invest in the process of praying for him, so the text of the prayers need to read several times, in some cases hundreds of times.

You'll be able to feel when you invested enough effort to ensure that your prayers have been answered.