Help all sufferers

Diagnosed with cancer in the 21st century sounds like a death sentence. Modern medicine still can't do anything with certain types of cancer. In some cases there is only one option: to rely on help from above. Only God gives hope to the last minute.

Cancer believer need to pray to St. longino Centurion, Pantelimon-Healer, Athanasius of mount Athos and be sure Theotokos the seven arrows.

It is believed that the icon of the Mother of God "vsetsaritsa" is the most powerful healing beginning. It is known worldwide as a healer of cancer. The icon is now in the Orthodox Greek monastery on mount Athos. The miraculous power of the icon was discovered in the XVII century. Now it made a large number of accurate lists of which are found in many churches and monasteries.

In Russia an exact copy of the icon "vsetsaritsa" in Moscow in the Church of All Saints of the former Novo-Alexeevsky monastery, Novospassky monastery. In these temples there are special books in which people share their cases of miraculous recovery. Such stories are becoming more every day. Grateful people who have been healed with this miracle, the icon are all sorts of gifts.

Most importantly, remember that you need to pray with a pure heart, with a deep hope for a speedy recovery. According to the Bible, the doctors are just tools that will certainly help the seriously ill, if it be the will of God. Just do not fall into despair. If in the heart there is Faith, then prayer is sure to be heard.

Prayer to the seven arrows in cancer

O All-Pure Mother Of God, The Seven Arrows!

Hear our groaning mnogobashenniye before Thy miraculous icon from mount Athos of inheritance in Russia prinesennoy, look upon Thy children, naisseline the ills of the suffering, to the Holy image of Thy faith cling! As kaloma bird covers its Chicks, tacos and You now, for ever alive, protect us mnogochislennym Your omophorion. Tamo, idezhe hope disappears nesomnenno Hope Wake. Tamo inhabited by fierce grief overcoming, Patience, and hath appeared Oslavou. Tamo inhabited by the darkness of despair into the souls abide, Shine the ineffable light of the Godhead! Utesi cowardly, weak strengthen, hardened hearts, softening and education grant. Ill heal Your people, o merciful Queen! Mind and hand treating us bless; may serve as a weapon awaits alike the inevitable hour the doctor of the Christ Savior. Thou come on Ty, things are with us, pray before Thy icon, o mistress! Stretch out Thy hands, filled with healing and wragby, joy of the grieving, pechalen Consolation, Yes, the miraculous help of soon having glorified the Holy and Undivided Trinity, of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit, forever and ever. Amen.

If you find it difficult to read and, especially, to learn the text of this prayer, then ask mother of God for healing in your own words. Only they must come from the soul.

The story of a miraculous recovery

The Orthodox Church is replete with stories of miraculous recovery from cancer. One of them happened in Belarus. The story said the doctor, who was a parishioner of the local churches. He saw a woman suffering from an incurable form of cancer. The disease was very hard, and no medication that could help her. Doomed to a quick death, she was discharged home from the hospital. Few weeks told me to come in for tests.

Meanwhile, in the house of this woman suffered a great sorrow. The accident killed her daughter and son-in-law. Five year old granddaughter remains an orphan. Being in such a desperate situation, comforting the poor child, a woman in desperation, was to ask the heavens: "Lord! I need to live! I need to raise granddaughter!"

After the required three weeks, the woman again came to the hospital for tests. Doctors are in disbelief that the tumor completely disappeared.

Hence, we can conclude that prayer and a great desire to get out of the life of the impasse is capable of much, even to commit a miracle. Ask and you shall receive what you want.