You will need
  • Full Orthodox prayer book "Psalms", a collection of hymns
Say a quick "God bless you". God will hear you. Important in prayer attitude, the sincerity of the person, not the number of words.
Use "Full Orthodox prayer book". It can be purchased in the Church shop or on the Internet. Find the right prayer, reading the contents. There are prayers for those in persecution, lost the property the sick, worry about the future.
If you are in despair, praying to be recommended in this case: prayer from the writings of Demetrius of Rostov, beginning with the words "God, father of our Lord Jesus Christ...", prayer for deliverance from depression St. John of Kronstadt ("the Lord is the destruction of my sadness...").
If you're desperate, have ceased to hope to get rid of problems, read the prayer of John Chrysostom ("the great St. John Chrysostom...") and other prayers that can be found in the "desperate" prayer.
Ask for the intercession of the mother of God. Suitable prayers, read before an icon "the seeking of the lost", "surety of sinners" "assuage my sorrows".
Ask for the intercession of the saints. One of the most venerated icons in Russia – Nicholas the Wonderworker. There are a number of prayers of this Saint: "O most Holy Nicholas, the Saint of the Lord is good...", "our good shepherd and divine wisdom, the son, Holy Hierarch of Christ, Nicholas..." and others.
Select from morning and evening prayers, fragments of which are to have the greatest impact. Write the text in a separate notebook and pray these words. This advice was given to the parishioners Anthony of Sourozh.
Read "Psalm". In affliction, recommend the following Psalms: 101 ("Lord hear my prayer, and let my cry come to You..."), 32 ("Radujtesja, pravedny, o Lord...").
There are akathists (hymns-prayer performed standing), suitable for reading in difficult moments of life. For example, "Akathist to our most Holy lady our mother of God in honor of Her, called "All the afflicted"".
A Christian must learn the humility to accept the Lord send tribulation. If it's bad, St. Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) was advised to repeat such prayers and the words: "Glory to God for all, is real in my object; remember me, o Lord, in Thy Kingdom," "God! Thank You for everything You pleased to send for me."
Remember, collections of prayers to help us know how to speak with the Lord. Repeating for the saints, we learn to find the right words attached to the experience of the ascetics. But if there are no books you can refer to God with the phrases that are born in the heart.