You will need
  • - a bowl or large saucepan;
  • - the cheapest cereals – 1 kg;
  • - red pepper - 3 packages;
  • - old CDs;
  • - Christmas tree rain;
  • - threads;
  • - air rifle;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - vegetable mesh;
  • gel Birds Free;
  • - ultrasonic pest repeller birds.
Put in a bowl of cereal and sprinkle it with red pepper. Mix thoroughly so that the pepper is evenly distributed among the grains. Sprinkle a few handfuls in the places where are usually collected by the sparrows. If they peck the grain from arable land or raised beds, try not to pour this mixture all the land in a row, and put it in a conspicuous place to attract the attention of sparrows. Repeat this procedure for 2-3 days until the sparrows will not know what to peck at what's growing in your yard inedible.
In those places where sparrows and in need of protection, bind to the CD thread and hang them at a distance of approximately 10 cm from each other. Next to them hang bunches of Christmas rain. When the wind kicks up, the discs will start to tap against each other, and Christmas tree rain begin to rustle. These sounds scare off sparrows, but in calm weather, such devices are ineffective.
Pour into the open a little grain. Tear a piece of paper into small pieces and moisten them with water. Roll from them balls, open air rifle, charge them in the barrel with the muzzle, and only then get her ready to fire. Wait for arrival of sparrows, wait, when they gather together near the cereals and start to fire. Scraps of paper, unlike lead pellets, will not cause them serious harm, but can scare. Repeat these ambushes through uneven intervals.
In a garden or country store buy vegetable mesh (also called mesh from birds). Cut it into desired pieces and tighten her cages, pull over the beds and wrap the trees with shrubs. This will not discourage sparrows from your plants, but will significantly hinder rasklinivanie.
In specialized stores or online, buy it Birds Free, and coat them around the area you want to protect them from sparrows. This harmless gel that glows in the ultraviolet range and scares all the birds. Another option – buy ultrasonic bird repeller, turn it on and install to a territory with a radius of 20 meters around it was part in need of protection areas.