Chicken – the object of strategic

Как бороться с блохами

Chicken and eggs are dietary products, include them in your diet most of the population of the planet. In our country built more poultry farms, chickens are bred on farms and on private farms. To the poultry industry were effective, it is necessary to pay due attention to poultry health. In addition to the full-calorie feeding should be supplemented with the necessary vitamins and minerals must be adequate to the conditions of hens to protect them from infectious diseases and parasites, against which must be waged continuously.
As a by-product of the poultry industry used the bird's feathers. Apply and waste production for the manufacture of meat and bone meal. Poultry manure also is a valuable organic fertilizer.

Chicken louse

парадантоз десен как лечить фото

Unlike their counterparts living in the wild, poultry does not have to fight for their existence – it is not threatened with death from cold and hunger or death from the claws of a predator. However, chickens and any other living creature at risk of the disease, they can attack parasites, such as worms, lice and fleas.
Just lice, a parasite on the body of the chicken, there are about 40 species. They cause a disease called mallophaga – the name of parasites related to the order Mallophaga.

Chicken lice is a fairly widespread insect-parasite living under the skin – subcutaneous louse, or in the feathers of chickens (lice and proedi). The course of the disease is associated with increased anxiety. Chicken, as a rule, long plucked feathers in search of parasites and their dog often together with feathers. As a result, the neck and the region of the cloaca appear exposed areas. Adult chickens lose weight, lower egg production. The young growth grows poorly, juveniles who find themselves infected, can die if not in time to make the necessary arrangements.

How to deal

Modern veterinary tools allow the infected chickens to get rid of parasites and to recover by restoring health and productivity. Of the drugs most effective are insecticides that are applied in ointments treated solutions and sprays.

The treatment is carried out by way of spraying poultry 2% aqueous emulsion of low toxicity or of oxamate 0.25% emulsion thomasena in the form of sprays. In parallel with the outdoor maintenance, you should install ash-sand bath with the addition of insecticides, also add them to the litter.