Scarecrow in the garden

Manufacturer Scarecrow for a garden plot does not require you to serious money. Its quick and easy to make from common materials that can be found in the country.

Two sticks Unscrew Phillips. Instead of a head attach on the shoulders of the Scarecrow bucket, old pot or ceramic pot. From top to hoist hat with a brim. Make a waving clothes from the robe or cloak. Hung on the neck of the doll's string of tin cans.

If you approach making scarecrows with enthusiasm, resulting the doll can decorate the garden. Make the body garden crafts made from fabric, stuffed it with straw. Draw eyes and mouth with paint, eyes you can still make buttons or by application of felt. Fluffy eyelashes are cut from pieces of skin. For clothes are ready made pants and shirts.

Shiny objects and rustling of trees

A lot of damage is done by the sparrows and other birds fruit trees and shrubs. Hang on their branches, shiny objects, then birds will avoid to get into these places. To scare away suited old CDs and DVDs, which are attached with fishing line.

You can hang your film to videotape, it will rustle and flutter from a slight blow of the wind. For the same purpose and fit the foil, cut into strips. It is not only flying, but also creating a glare that will scare the birds.

The original decoration of the suburban area and protection from birds will be mirror balls that you can hang on trees. For their production will need a small plastic or hard rubber balls, large plastic Christmas balls or made their own billet out of papier-mache. Cut unwanted CDs or DVDs into squares scissors. Glue them to the spherical basis and hang on the branches.
A ball or balloon you can just wrap foil, securing it with glue.

Modern technologies for bird scaring

Purchase shop ultrasonic scarers. For humans, these devices do not cause inconvenience. The birds feel uncomfortable and flies around the plot side. The range of the ultrasound depends on the model of the device.
Ultrasound can affect sensitive people, so it's best to use it away from human habitation.

There are sonic repellents, which are equipped with motion sensors or included after a certain period of time. They emit cries of birds of prey.

In stores for gardeners get a special grid. They snapped at bushes or small trees, then the birds get to the fruit.