You will need
  • - plastic bags;
  • - the stakes are;
  • - clothesline;
  • poles;
  • - the tape;
  • - tin cans;
  • Eastern bells;
  • - old colored clothes.
To protect the garden, fruit and berry trees, stretch fine mesh. It's enough to build easy wooden frame and fasten to it the enclosing mesh. This does not scare the sparrows, but will help to protect crops, as the birds just can't get under the fence. However, this method complicates the care of plantings and creates additional difficulties at harvest.
To scare away the birds use the noise of the device. To build them in different ways. Hammer around the perimeter of the garden or garden stakes, stretch a clothesline. Cut into thin long strips tin cans for energy drinks, beer, lemonade. Attach it to the hanging rope. With the wind tin tape will make a knock that will not only scare away the sparrows, and crows, magpies and other birds.
No less popular stun device can be made from the tapes. Pull the tape between the set stakes, it will fix a lot of small ribbons. Even a small breeze will flap flowing ribbon, they will rustle and shimmer. This device also repels sparrows.
Instead of tape, and tin cans use colored plastic bags. Mount them on a stretched rope. The effect of noise, scaring the birds, will be not worse.
More complicated noise device is made of two wooden disks, rope and metal tube. Such a device you can buy in the store Oriental goods. This melodious bells, used for ritual dancing and singing.
At all times gardens and orchards were established Scarecrow. The method of manufacture is extremely simple. To a long pole crosswise fasten a short pole. Dress constructed Scarecrow in bright clothing, top and sides attach the color-coded plastic bags. 1 hundred need 1 Scarecrow. This will help to scare away all the birds that harm, obkladyvaya harvest.