The mushrooms and black pepper

A long time to get rid of flies at the cottage and in the village houses helped the mushrooms with the telling title "Amanita". If the site is located beside a forest, the tool against insects you have at hand. In the second half of July and August collect fresh mushrooms, mash or finely chop, then mix with sugar syrup. Spread the mixture in shallow containers and place them in places where lots of flies. Alternatively, the mushrooms can be to the pests with sour cream.

To starve the flies by using black pepper. Mix the seasoning with sugar at the rate of 5 g and 10 g, respectively, and sprinkle in the saucer, which will be a makeshift bird feeders. Alternatively, as a sweet bait, use jam or honey. Pepper is also included in the effective impregnation: connect it (40 g) mixed with sugar and 0.5 cups of milk, soak in this solution the paper strip and after drying put in places of a congestion of insects.


To get rid of flies in the country help some plants, which is a smell that insects can't stand. Small bundles of wormwood hang in the rooms, as well as tie broom and from time to time podocyte their floors in the room. Furthermore, domestic pests do not like the smell of the sprigs of elderberry, fern. After drying, replace the plants fresh. Containers with tomatoes, castor-oil plant or a geranium is also a good tool that will help to get rid of flies. Arrange a few pots around the room.

Using homemade poisons and plants can really get rid of flies in the country, but do not forget about safety precautions. You must be sure that the grass in the house will not cause you allergic reactions. Moore should not be in areas accessible to children and Pets! When the fly disappears, remove the people's means of protection from insects, and ventilate the room. Try to timely cleaning the rooms, do not leave dirty dishes for a long time to curtain the Windows and doors reliable mosquito nets, in other words, to prevent the emergence of the new pests.