You will need
  • mosquito nets, beer cans, strings, streamers, electric substrate, scarers.
Maximally insulate a balcony or other semi-enclosed space from the external environment. This will help mosquito nets or blinds, creating a kind of barrier for pigeons. Inside to get the birds.
Install at eaves or balcony of the building, which was chosen by the doves, curved needle, or pull the strings stretching. It is also possible to use a special electric substrate that electrocute birds, sitting down on the ledge, all kinds of grid-traps, sticky gels and other "weapons".
Manufacture of unnecessary CD-ROM or beer cans homemade repellents pigeons. These birds are very afraid of shiny moving objects, so putting up their crafts along the balcony, you can forget about the problem that caused the pigeons.
Get a special repellents and install them on your balcony or cars.