Install on your personal plot of the usual "Scarecrow" is the guise in which will allow your imagination. According to observations of bird watchers, birds, meet the Scarecrow in the usual feeding grounds, don't come back for a few days. Over time, however, they are eyeing a stationary guard, see the security of his figures and return to their hearth and home for eating the fruit.
Remember that birds are afraid of shiny and different sounding objects. Refer to this in your endeavor. Wrap the branches of fruit trees and reflective objects, for example, a foil, a new year's "rain" or the film from old VHS tape. Hook on branches shiny things like CDs or old fishing nets. The wind blows the props spinning, reflected glare, flicker and, thus, deters intruders. To enhance the effect of combine and foil Christmas tree ornaments with objects that make sounds. Experienced gardeners are used with this purpose, cans made of thin tin, are outstanding in the wind rumbling noise.
Use ultrasonic devices to scare birds away. They have become quite popular and widespread in recent years. Their advantage is the compact design, portability and a large radius of effective impact. When working these sensors reproduce the cries of birds of prey such as hawk, owl, Falcon. The method is very humane and effective. Not only crows, but sparrows, pigeons, blackbirds, starlings will fly around your farm party. No special skills in the application of repellents is not required, enough to buy such a mechanism and install it in any convenient location inside your house. It will not disturb the appearance of the landscape and will allow you to not only get rid of the flying pests, but also from such unpleasant neighbors, as mice and rats.