Advice 1: How to catch a weasel

Even in Russia , the weasel tried to expel from the houses, using various folk remedies, such as a spinning wheel with a spindle, with a piece of red wool or tissue, put in front of the chicken coop, seeing that, as a rule, the beast is afraid and don't come back in this yard, either attached to the fence stick with wearing it with hemp tow, which, according to the veteran, could scare off the animal, etc. We also offer convenient, simple, practical and proven method for catching weasels, which will be discussed below.
How to catch a weasel
You will need
  • A 2-liter bottle, a bucket, bait.
To catch a weasel yourself using traps made easy.Take a two-liter plastic bottle, cut the neck to thicken and cut off the bottom.
Please make the throat part is cutting in the form of a spear in order to put there the bait.
Put the bait (piece of meat) and put the bottle in the place where I noticed the affection, so that the side with the bait dangled from a chair or a table. Put under the hanging edge of the bottle bucket with a lid. The lid open and set so that in the event of fluctuations in the buckets she managed to close.
Wait for the weasel will go for the bait. The animal will make their way into the bottle from the bottom and when you reach the bait, the weight of the body tipped the bottle and the animal along with the trap will fall directly into the bucket, the lid of which slammed shut from the vibrations and weasel will be in prison.
Get that animal away from the house and release in the woods.
In addition to this method for catching weasels, you can use a trap or traps for catching rats, which will simply need to put the bait in the form of meat or sausage.
The weasel is the smallest carnivorous animal belonging to the order of predators in the territory of our country. The weasel has great similarities with an ermine to the body structure, its flexibility and color fur, but distinct from it, as it has a smaller size and the color of the tail, he is a weasel plain and without a kind of black tassels, which is available from the ermine. The body of petting a small, thin, long and flexible with short legs, elongated head and small rounded ears.
Since the caress is a predatory animal, she eats meat, respectively, and finds food for himself frequently, settling in private houses, and killing domestic animals such as chickens, ducks, etc. In this case, just need to get rid of the intruder and catch him.

Advice 2: How to catch a rat

Even the most conscious and attentive hosts rats are not immune from mistakes. If the rat release to walk into the room, locking the door, or just forget to close the cage, the animal may flee. In this case you need to resort to urgent action, especially if you have in addition to rats house lives a cat, dog or even ferret.
Runaway rat is hard to catch
Collect all the animals, which can cause your rat harm, in one place and keep them in sight. Of course, if your, say, a dog befriends a rat, it can track a fugitive by the smell. Doors leading to outside, also need to close.
Beeps to call the escaped rat to himself. Accustomed to his nickname or sound toys-tweeters, the roof can immediately have recourse to you, especially if she is walking quite a while and got hungry. Otherwise, you can long wait for the return of his hungry pet. And if the animal is frightened, it will hide.
Look into every corner and into every crevice, and listen for the slightest rustle. Rats usually hide in places like under the bed, behind the wardrobe or in a cupboard, behind the fridge or elsewhere in the kitchen. While they can be difficult to get out.
If you find a place where hiding escaped rat, try to use food lures to to get her out. Be prepared for the fact that the rat can dramatically pull out a piece of favorite food right out of your hands and then run off into "the hole". These animals are extremely agile.
If your ploy with toy Squeaker and treats don't work, try to sit quietly next to the refuge of the runaways. Maybe she will come to you by itself. Also try to put a cage with food and water near the spot where the rat is hiding. Hungry, she can run into the cage to eat. If ran a few rats, one caught and appetizing chromiuma rat can attract the attention of all the other escaped animals.
If your home rodents are well behaved when they are bored to explore the apartment or house, they will come running to you. If all attempts to catch escaped animals, fails, buy a special trap for small animals.
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