You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • computer.
To gain likes on any post or photo, compose a short message, the text of which will carry approximately the following: "hi! Please find the first entry on my wall (or main photo on my page) and put it on her like. Thank you!" The message content can be quite different, it is important that the recipient understand exactly what you want to achieve.
After the message is compiled, copy it and send it to your friends. A number of people can be unlimited, however, remember that the spam you can block, so it is best to send to your friends a different message. The entire text change is not necessary, you can just add to the end of the message a smiley face, or rearrange some words in the sentence.
The following method set likes Vkontakte is spam promoted in any community. Compose the message, the text of which will motivate the users to view varying your records or photos, as well as its evaluation. This message in comments to any record in the group, the number of subscribers exceeds 100,000 people.
The easiest way of adding likes is to use a special application. An example would be "Like machine". Install this app, log in and paste the link with recording or photography at a special window. Next, you need to like other users and they in turn will like you. Once you decide that supplied you with the amount of likes enough, you can just exit the program. At a time when the program is closed by you, the number of likes will cease to increase.