Advice 1: What is like

Social network today has reached a high level in its development. This level allows them to influence the minds of users within a global network. For example, the button "like", recently introduced, has already become an integral part of Internet reality.
What is like

The "heart" of social networking

Layk (like) is a tool that helps the Internet user to Express its appreciation to the posted content in social networks and other Internet resources.

The main advantage of this tool is easy to use. Just "like" the entry, e.g. pressing a special button of approval, and your opinion will be taken into account. Any emails and additional comments.

This mechanism is so simple that appearing in the social network, he quickly "took over" many Internet resources, including official sites known to the media and well-known projects: Google+, Youtube, Mail and more. Of course, these systems develop their own buttons for likes.

If the site does not claim to be a global network, as listed above, for the evaluation of the material buttons of the famous social networks (most Vkontakte and Facebook). This happens due to the installation of the official widget on the resource.

What like

The number of likes is often said about the popularity of the material and the user who posts the material.

The huskies recently have a large influence on the choice of users. For example, to promote the group "Vkontakte" need to have a large number of likes and preferably posts under posts in the community.

The hype about "heart under the ava" has reached such an extent that many users of social networks, not related to promotion groups, install on the computer various programs. These utilities allow you to automatically cheat number of likes.

But these programs are not officially available social networks, so decided to use them, you can become a victim of fraud. Within the networking groups are created where there is "a mutual exchange of hearts, this "artificial cuts" is much safer.

Huskies often are used as assessments in the various polls. He who gets the most "hearts", becomes the winner.

In General, the number of likes does not affect the promotion of the site in terms of seo and puts it on the top position of the ranking those users who have higher "kid" popularity in social networks.

Where did the idea of Laika

The idea for Laika was born in 1998 and was implemented in the social network Surfbook programmer van der Meer. He filed a patent on the invention.

Since 2010, this button has appeared in Facebook (thumb raised up), and later in Vkontakte (in the form of a heart). The latest social network went a little further by applying along with a "like" button option "share with friends", which in a single click adds the news to the personal page of the user (this is called a repost).

Advice 2 : How to gain likes Vkontakte

Social network Vkontakte has recently become extremely popular. She enjoyed every minute thousands of people around the world. With Vkontakte people do not only communicate with their friends and acquaintances, but also to earn money. If you want your profile in this network would bring you income, you need to make it popular. The PR accounts are often carried out with a set of likes on photos and wall posts of a user.
How to gain likes Vkontakte
You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • computer.
To gain likes on any post or photo, compose a short message, the text of which will carry approximately the following: "hi! Please find the first entry on my wall (or main photo on my page) and put it on her like. Thank you!" The message content can be quite different, it is important that the recipient understand exactly what you want to achieve.
After the message is compiled, copy it and send it to your friends. A number of people can be unlimited, however, remember that the spam you can block, so it is best to send to your friends a different message. The entire text change is not necessary, you can just add to the end of the message a smiley face, or rearrange some words in the sentence.
The following method set likes Vkontakte is spam promoted in any community. Compose the message, the text of which will motivate the users to view varying your records or photos, as well as its evaluation. This message in comments to any record in the group, the number of subscribers exceeds 100,000 people.
The easiest way of adding likes is to use a special application. An example would be "Like machine". Install this app, log in and paste the link with recording or photography at a special window. Next, you need to like other users and they in turn will like you. Once you decide that supplied you with the amount of likes enough, you can just exit the program. At a time when the program is closed by you, the number of likes will cease to increase.

Advice 3 : What does it mean to increase the number of likes

For many people social networks today have become an integral part of life. That's because it's convenient and efficient communication tool where you can upload your photos, videos, music, etc. Instead, people want the approval of others, expressed in the positive reviews and the so-called huskies.
About likes

Meaning and definition of term

Likes are a way of expressing approval, a positive attitude towards anything. It can be a song, picture, group, text record, video and more. Everyone wants to get the approval of others, and developers of social networking guessed before anyone else, having created a special rating system. Now anyone can Express affection simply by pressing a button in the shape of a heart. If something made a much bigger impression, paired with a huskies usually there is a comment function, where it can be deployed to describe their emotions.

Everyone wants more approval in the form of likes and no matter how they are received. Some ask others to put their hearts, others they get is deserved, and the third easier to take advantage of special services cheating. The meaning of this service is to exchange likes between users according to the principle "you to me – I to you."

Commercial sense cheating likes

Some of the more knowledgeable people are trying to gain likes on social networks for their own benefit. The benefit of these accolades can be in the promotion of the public or group, the sale of certain goods in them, drawing attention to any brand. For now, business and trade do not only with websites, but exclusively through social networks.

Creating a new group, whatever it was remarkable, the initiator should understand that people visit will not. Again, everything comes down to psychology – people are often repelled by the principle of "all me." Because of zero activity, it is necessary to use services of exchange of huskies, artificially liven up the group. Stranded every post hearts will attract the attention of the people.

The same principle can be attributed to the sale and promotion of goods. Social networks have long been selling a lot of different things and enjoy different kinds of markups. Increase likes help services like Olike, vLike, Turboliker and the like. It should be noted that these methods are not approved by the administration of Vkontakte and can lead to tragic consequences if improperly used. Do not overdo it with a wrap, especially when it comes to subscribers.

If you want you can find ways to increase the number of likes, followers, etc. on the resources of Vkontakte, Facebook, Youtube, Classmates, Mail, and many others. The principle of their work is the exchange of huskies, or buying some part likes for money. To use these methods or not, you decide, but remember that it's not exactly legal.
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