Buy free voice Vkontakte without SMS in several ways. One of these – getting them through the app. Start playing any of the games and send invitations to friends. For his invited friends to the game and you will get the necessary votes. There you can still win. To do this you need to make an initial contribution in the form of existing votes. How many, this is at your discretion. But, alas, you can also them to lose.
The most correct and interesting way - is to voice through participation in the actions in the thematic groups. If you have a talent for writing poetry, drawing, photography or have any other talents, then go to the most visited group and take part in the competition. The first three winners receive a prize in the form of charges free of votes.
You can also take votes just from their friends. In General, free to them is quite difficult because of their significance. But it's easy to do on a paid basis. There is a special program for cheating votes and polls, video views and likes "I like". To use it, login to your account "Vkontakte". Specify the link to the group, videos, write on the wall, meeting or photo, in General, the views which I wish to cheat. Cheat for followers or friends a link to your page will be set automatically. If you have Windows 7, hit the "simplified style".
Cheat is due to the exchange. Users cheat each other in automatic mode. For example, if the program is running four users, and you specify a reference to the inscription on the wall that you want to cheat. By clicking on the button "Start" hearts to this label will put the other three users, with them not even knowing.