Determine first what program are processed voices. First and foremost, to cheat more votes, you can use cookies. When you vote on the website, the server stores this information in cookies. It works like this: your computer sends a packet with the response that is processed by the server, comes the confirmation that your computer saves cookies. That is, if you want to vote again, the server will read the cookie and will be able to determine that you've already voted, and the vote will not be counted.
Remove the information about voting, which is stored in a cookie. Go to the folder Documents and settings/username/Cookies. Here are stored file format имя_пользователя@адрес_сайта.txt. After the sign of dog is the address of the website from which this was sent to cookies. Cheat votes will be possible after you find the needed file and delete it. After that, try to vote.
Use proxies to change IP address and to bypass the security at. Create a long list of proxy addresses, go and vote. Just go to the website of anonymizer, for example,, insert there the url of the site at which voting takes place and press the Prox.
Use a legal way of cheating votes needed for the vote. Go to the website up, confirm registration via e-mail and fill out the form. Go to your account there, scroll to the "Your assignments".
More clicks the link "Add a link to do the job. There fill in the field "site Name", "website Address" and type of task (to vote, for example). Click the "Add task" in question write, vote or answer the question (specify what should be the result or answer).
Next, enter the answer choices and write a hint for the user. Click "Save". Next, click on "Step 3". Select a range of impressions to one visitor one time per day, restriction of daily impressions – put as many votes as you need.
Click on "Step 4". Enter the price and click "Buy". Now cheat votes will be real users.