Receive from other users "Vkontakte" gifts. They are small images with which people Express their attitude to Shine. For each gift you can get at least three votes. You can also ask your friends to share unnecessary voicemi. In order to safely get them, use the program "Manager votes".
Invite your friends to play games and earn votesby playing to different applications. For example, the application "Battle for voice" contains a free lottery, "Free2Pay" offers user to perform various tasks. To find such offers, use the appropriate search, specifying in the request the word "voice". Keep in mind that many applications require the use of existing user votes.
Select the tab "Personal account" in the settings menu, and then click "Get a voice". "Vkontakte" offers several methods of payment. The most common is obtaining votes via SMS. To do this, enter your phone number and select the required number of votes. Next, you will receive an SMS with the indication of the confirmation code. Typing in a special field, you will get a voice.
To purchase them with a credit card, select the appropriate option and enter the required number of votes. Then you will be redirected to the page where the payment will need to enter the card details.
To vote, you can also make a payment through the terminals, selecting on the main page or in "Other" logo and "Vkontakte". Another option is the replenishment of the balance through electronic payment systems: WebMoney, Yandex Money, RBK Money", "MoneyMail", "PayPal" and others.