Ways of increasing the number of friends list on Facebook page

Sure, Internet users have already invented many ways to increase the number of friends on his page on the most popular social network. VKontakte there is a huge number of groups, called "Add to friends". Find similar public is not difficult enough to use the box "search communities" button at the top of the page. All members of such communities United by similar aim – to increase the number of real people friends and subscribers, so nobody will be outraged in the comments for the post "knock, add all". Thus, by joining several such "niche" of the pages and regularly posting on their walls zazyvaniya about adding, you can increase the number of subscribers on your page.
In addition to confirm incoming requests, you can add a friend myself, but at the moment there is a limit per day you can make an offer of friendship only fifty users.

Another way to increase the number of Facebook friends is to use special programs that guarantee cheat friends in this social network. The only disadvantage is their use is not free, but a lot of money it will require. You can download a program such as Wmmail, Viking-studio Likest, Vkbot. The principle of their operation is quite simple, it is the exchange of acquaintances between users or add to friends in the quality of jobs provided to those who use such a program.

In addition, now the vast network Vkontakte has already promoted many pages which can make you PR and advertising.
Services these accounts by posting entries on other pages, pay, payment is reproduced on the e-wallets, and you can pay votes, or gifts.

Recommendations for the maintenance of the status page in the social network

In order for the page in the social network was a success and was seen by other users, you need to be an active user of Facebook to be in many groups (it is best to be among the most popular), comment on posts and participate in discussions, upload photos and video, click "like" to communicate personal messages. Your own page should look the most authentic and inspire trust, to do this, carefully filled in all the blanks with information about yourself, choose the most attractive photo for your avatar, update them regularly and systematically to place interesting wall posts.