The basis of popularity of any page "Vkontakte" is content. It should be interesting to the target audience. For example, if you promote cooking page, then visitors are unlikely to appreciate car reviews. Besides, a new entry should appear regularly. There are no specific criteria, but the more popular the topic page, the more you need to do posts.
In addition, users must be proactive. No matter how: comment, vote in polls, add comments, send pictures and so on. It is important that they just have made at least some action. The higher the activity of the subscribers, the greater the audience you will be able to collect.
If you promote a public page (a public, or public), you can not do without advertising. Of course, you can cheat bots, but the sense of such promotion will not. The easiest method of obtaining new subscribers is targeted (targeted) advertising from the social network. There you can set the required parameters (gender, age, city of residence and so on).
To increase the popularity of public pages will help partnership with other public. Email the administrator and ask him to exchange posts. This will allow you both to obtain significant advantages. Better to send out several proposals. If no one agrees to work with you (for example, if you have a young project), then you can just buy the posts on other pages.
However, the most reliable option is the services of professionals. They will be able to choose for your project is really alive and interested audience. The cost of such services is quite large, but your page is guaranteed to be popular.
To promote personal page a little easier. You can also use advertising, but it is unlikely to bring a significant result. First of all it is necessary to increase the number of friends and subscribers, and then to use other methods.
You can put more information about yourself. It can be photos, stories or videos. Find new friends through apps, games or groups. There is even a special page to search for friends. However, you should be careful of bots.
Remember that personal pages are the restrictions on 10,000 friends, so at least the promotion you will need to delete unused accounts. Try to transform the page into a goldmine of useful information on the subject, seasoned with personal opinion.