How to cheat huskies Vkontakte photo

To cheat likes Vkontakte, if you participate in a photo contest or change AV can free by sending request to your friends to click on the little heart under the photo. To make it possible if we place the corresponding entry at the wall. People who subscribed to your updates will see it in the news and you can, taking several seconds to respond to your call. If the photo is placed in a group with a special button in the form of the horn you can make a census on the wall, adding to the message review.

Sorry, news browsing, not all users of Vkontakte. If you want to make a request for the huskies more effectively, send them private messages. Most friends should respond to your call.

Friends may not be too much to receive a large number of likes. In this case you need to ask other, perhaps unfamiliar to you people to put the heart under the photo. If your friends do repost the photo on your page asking to like a picture, their subscribers will be able to support you, increasing the number of likes photos Facebook.

If you are not man enough modest and have a considerable time to spare, you can try to ask like in the photo those users who sit in social networks online, sending them the relevant text in the PM.

However, this method is hardly an effective to wind huskies Vkontakte, as not everyone will respond to the request of the stranger. And VK has a limit on the number of sent per day messages "not friends".

In the social network community and have applications that allow you to exchange likes with each other. To get the coveted hearts, type in a group search request, to join in the popular community and ask about mutual likes users.

How to cheat huskies Vkontakte the record

If you need to get a lot of likes on your post, you can use the same methods to cheat on photos free likes.

Should also consider the options of increasing likes, which are subject to payment.

So, you can go to special sites to cheat, for example, likest.tu. To use this method, you must register on the portal and touch the hearts at the request of other users. Thus to your account you will receive hearts, which will return a like on the created task.

Cheat VK likes quickly possible with the help of special programs. An example is Viking Botovod. The meaning of these apps is that they run a viral promotion. The program is a paid, like most other similar services. However, you can use a limited trial version. To use the service, you need to install the file, add your account to the program, log in with your password and login.

Not to be blocked by the administration of Vkontakte for cheat and to protect yourself from breaking the page by hackers, it is desirable to use such services with unnecessary account.

In the settings tick the desired boxes and start by pressing "OK" to cheat.

Thus, to wind huskies Vkontakte is quite simple, because there are many both paid and free possibilities. However, remember that winning the contest was the result of cheating may not be counted, but such popularity is only imaginary.