Advice 1: How to raise the rating Vkontakte

A rating of "Vkontakte" in the form of a strip under the avatar that changed color depending on the values that have long been cancelled and a voice like a payment system inside a social network no longer make sense. Today, under the rating adopted to understand the position in the total search among people.
How to raise the rating Vkontakte

Why you need a rating?

Previously, the numeric value of the rating on your page that influence search results and place you are. So Pavel Durov – page No. 1 "Vkontakte" this parameter was the largest. This enabled him to be in the list of all the people without filters first. Today on your position in the search affects the number of subscribers on the page. These are the people that agree to receive news from you in your news feed on the website, but not added to.

In the first place is also Pavel Durov, but the following is Dmitry Medvedev. Also in the rankings are athletes, pop and movie stars and other personalities, attracting people's attention. Accordingly, to raise the rating you need to increase the number of subscribers.

How to raise the rating Vkontakte

First, you can add friends and then delete them. After this procedure, they are transferred to the subscribers. About 30-40% of people just do not notice that have been removed. But this is a rather unreliable method, because sooner or later everyone will clean the list of interesting pages, i.e., those to which they subscribed.

The second way is to cheat this parameter by adding bots to lifeless pages. These fake pages are periodically deleted, so the number of your subscribers will eventually decrease.

On average, for display on the first page in the city-millionaire is enough 30-50 thousand followers. But still there are other factors such as number of friends, number of photos added, comments under posts on the page, the number of hearts and the option to "Tell friends".

Turns out to be the rating need to be a really popular person, which is of interest to people. You can be a musician, a skateboarder, a DJ, whatever, it was interesting to other people. In addition, you have to write interesting entries, thoughts, to tell about their everyday life, etc. All require sufficient attention and you will do depend on this popularity.

Blueprint for the withdrawal of your page in TopNet. Just need to be in the trend, use popular tags when adding entries to the page to participate in public life. Ideally, you, as well as all public people, need your PR Manager that will monitor your image and prompt the next step. In addition to the page "Vkontakte", you desperately need to have your Twitter and Instagram followers which you probably will, and subscribers in the social network.

Advice 2: How to raise the rating of the website

Any company interested in the goods and services sold well. A well-functioning website is one of them. In order to make your website work effectively and bring a steady income it must be, that he had a high rating. Here is one possible way to raise your website to the top ranks of search engines.
Rankings to raise on their own
You will need
  • What does a high ranking website? This means that your website is popular in the network, and occupies a high position in search engine ranking.
  • In order to promote your site you need time the availability of the website and following a simple scheme of promotion.
First check, what is the position of your site in search engine Yandex, the most practical and popular search engine among Russian-speaking users.

To do this, type the name of your company/website or the keywords in the search bar and you will immediately become clear how things are going with the ranking of your website.
Then, analyze the current situation, consumer demand, and most popular sites for your theme.
Further, on the basis of the results obtained, make a plan to optimize their website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will help you promote it in the first line of search engines.
Select some of the most popular resources that have a good rating and share with them the links and banners.
Participate in banner exchange networks, Bulletin boards, use off-line advertising.
Be sure to use a special type of website promotion is redirektnye links. These links are placed on the top sites of your theme and bring great practical benefits. Redirektnye links - very useful and effective way to attract visitors and increase the "recoil" from your own site.
After working to raise the ranking of your site, again check how the network is visible in your website. If you put the effort, then surely your website up in the top of the search engines.
High ranking of your website on the Internet is not only a Wake-up call for search engines but for your potential business partners. The higher the line on which you receive your website ranking in search engines – the more confidence in him and the desire to start a commercial relationship between your potential business partners.
Useful advice
Do not try to take a number – a huge number of links and banners on your website pages does not give the desired result, and can only clutter up its pages. Choose for these purposes, the most popular and visited resources, let them be two or four, but the practical benefits from the cooperation with them will be much more for you.
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