How to cheat a lot of friends on Facebook for free

There are many ways free cheat friends Vkontakte. One of them is trivial requests to strangers.

To get less bounce, you can offer to friends via the function "possible friends". Person that the application has been submitted, you will see that you have mutual friends, and probably thinking that you've met somewhere, will confirm your request.

To respond to your offers of friendship came immediately, you can find through the search function for those people that have the online status.

Unfortunately, this method quickly promote your page will fail, as the social network has a limit on sent 50 applications a day.

Save the situation can special community type "Add to friends". To obtain the application, you only need to find such a group and place them in your invitations. Interested users will be added to you subscribers.

Conveniently for the same purpose, use the application group in which "friending" has certain advantages. For example, "homeland", "attack" and others. You will need to add the app to find and join his community, to place an ad that you want to be friends with other players.

There are also special sites for the exchange of friends Vkontakte. For example, On this portal you can register and cheat a lot of friends Vkontakte online earning chips. The chips you get for adding in members to other members in the community. After the desired number of chips you can create a job and start PR.

How to cheat friends Vkontakte quickly

A great way to add lots of Facebook friends is to conduct different competitions. The prize to be cast among those who have friended me and made census records about the contest on your page. The more demand there will be a prize, the more audience you can attract. For example, it can be iPod, which is relatively inexpensive, but will be a very attractive gift.

To obtain a large number of friends using the spam-sending programs. For Example, Viking Botovod. The demo version is free.

To use the application, you need to download it from the official site, install it and add it to your account. Desirable to use a cheat for friends main page in the social network, as spam for users of Vkontakte, the administration may block.

In the program settings you need to enable the option of sharing with friends, thereby triggering the process that will help cheat friends Vkontakte free.