You will need
  • - combined oral contraceptives;
  • - progestins;
  • - vitamin C.
The easiest way to delay the onset of menstruation, if you're using birth control with combined oral contraceptives. Just don't stop drinking them. After completing the packet, don't wait around for a few days and immediately open the next one. If you are using a three-phase tablets, the days when you had to plan was supposed to start my period, you should use medicines intended for the third phase. But keep in mind that their contraceptive effect is reduced.
If you normally don't use birth control pills, it is advisable to start drinking a month before deadline, when you have to change the menstrual cycle. In the case if you have missed this opportunity, start taking it at least three days before the expected onset of menstruation. Harm to a healthy body that you miss one period, will not, however, it is better to consult a gynecologist before conducting a similar experiment.
To change date is monthly you can use progestins. It is advisable to start drinking two weeks before menstruation (at least for five days). Taking medications to stop that day when my period was supposed to end. To use progestins should be under the supervision of a physician.
There are also a popular way to delay the onset of menstruation. Vitamin C can strengthen blood vessels, delay the start of the cycle and to make allocation more scarce. So a few days before menstruation makes sense to start eating a half of a lemon per day (but only if you do not suffer from increased acidity) and to drink a decoction of parsley. Doctors do not confirm the effectiveness of this method. In some women it works and they are able to transfer monthly, in others, the body continues to work as usual.