The use of contraceptive gels

In contrast to regularly take oral contraceptives and barrier contraception, which can sometimes be impossible, the contraceptive gel is used according to the situation. The reliability of this method will depend on the active substance and the proper use of funds. The active substance of the gel "Benateks" is benzalkonium chloride, gel "Patentex Oval" - nonoxynol. These funds have a high degree of protection from unwanted pregnancy. The big advantage of gels "Benateks and Patentex Oval" is a gentle effect on a woman's body. The use of these funds does not violate the hormonal balance, has antibacterial, antifungal effect. Spermicidal and bactericidal action is manifested by destruction of cell membranes of sperm, microorganisms.

For reviews contraceptive gels are easy to use, even before the action takes a relatively short time. Too long period of drug administration to the moment when the sexual act can be called secured, could have a negative impact on libido. A woman can always use these contraceptives discreetly from the partner. It is very important to apply the "Benateks and Patentex Oval", following the instructions in the preparations. Gel inserted into the vagina using the dispenser-applicator in supine position. When you use "Benateks", "Patentex Oval" the minimum waiting time will be only eight to ten minutes. The effect lasts up to 10 hours.
When you use the gel, "Patentex Oval" it should be remembered that the introduction of tools needs to be repeated before each act of intercourse.

Features of use of contraceptive gels

For reviews, contraceptive gels "Benateks and Patentex Oval" can cause an allergic reaction, so before use it is advisable to test for allergies. If within the hour appears intense itching, swelling, burning, these drugs should not be used. When using gels "Benateks" or "Patentex Oval" must take into account the fact that these funds will not be able to protect from infections that are transmitted sexually.
Contraceptive gels are more suitable for women with reduced vaginal secretion, with abundant secretions better to use the pills.

These contraceptives are not absorbed, while intravaginal administration, they are removed from the normal physiological secretions or simple cleaning with water. It should also be borne in mind that alkaline soap, any personal hygiene can greatly reduce the contraceptive effect.