First you need to do a pregnancy test. We need to make sure your attempt to move the cycle will not cause miscarriage and will not bring irreparable consequences for health. If the result is negative, you can proceed to the following methods.
Can help enhanced physical activity: workout at the gym or home, Jogging and other strength exercises. To have more chances of success, go after a workout in the sauna and well propitiate.
Drink chamomile tea in large quantity. For cooking enough to steep one tea bag of chamomile in one Cup of boiling water. The recommended dose is a glass three times a day.
A decoction of tansy. To cook pour 2 tablespoons of herbs Cup of boiling water, and then leave for half an hour to infuse. Take 1/3 Cup 15 minutes before eating three times a day.
A decoction of oregano or parsley. Chop the grass, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 3 hours to infuse. When time passes, drink half a glass 15 minutes before a meal twice a day. The maximum duration of the course 3-4 days.
Use a Bay leaf. Take 60 leaves and pour boiling water (400 ml), cover and cook 5 minutes. Off and not opening the lid, allow broth to cool. Before Breakfast drink warm decoction on an empty stomach. Once will be enough.