Scorpions in love

After talking with Scorpio many admit that it was one of the most powerful experiences in their lives. Both women and men born under this Zodiac sign are usually very sexual and have strong magnetism. An affair with them may be memorable, but sometimes the feelings after a breakup can be a serious injury. Rejected Scorpio, using the weight above, will try again to tame and even to subdue his partner. If this does not succeed, he (or she) won't regret the poison to hurt his former lover.
"On a powder keg" or "a sleeping volcano" - roughly describes his affair with the Scorpions some of their former partners.

Usually representatives of this sign have more permanence. If they decided to marry, they are fully confident in your feelings and reciprocity of the elect. However, this did not prevent them to suffer and to experience again and again, forcing the partner to somehow prove their love and affection. It is believed that Scorpions, like the mythical bird, the Phoenix, love can burn and be reborn again from the ashes. But in doing so, they take with them and the partner, making the experience such a metamorphosis.

Having, as a rule, well-developed intuition, Scorpios can quickly find the most painful places in their halves. They use it during the next showdown, bringing your partner to stress, which is usually followed by rapid reconciliation. Such emotional "swing" is able to make not everyone, so astrologers warn you - Scorpions better communicate strong people. Feeling the weakness, Scorpio can literally crush people.
Among the signs of the horoscope that are closest to the Scorpions, it is necessary to allocate the rest of the water signs - Pisces and Cancer. Linking his fate with a Scorpion, they have a chance to create a strong family.

Separation affects not only Scorpio...

Of course, there is no statistics to support or refute the views of an astrologer, characterizing the Scorpions. However, quite famous is the view that people of this sign are, perhaps, the sexiest among all others. And they use these qualities in different ways: while some are committed in such a way to bind a partner, others can suppress.

Unfortunately, some Scorpions, despite all his power and wisdom, can not resist in order to retaliate against those who rejected them. Perhaps then, when several years pass, the former satellites will be able to meet and talk calmly. And yet... after Parting with a man-Scorpion, the girl may suddenly meet him with my best friend. Brushing aside all logical and rational arguments, Scorpios tend to perceive the separation as a betrayal and their feelings are so strong that, knowing or not, they sometimes tend to hurt his "ex". And often they do it - because they, as already mentioned, have strong intuition, quickly calculating the "weaknesses" of others.