You will need
  • plotter;
  • printer;
  • paper roll or sheet large format;
  • paper format A4;
  • glue;
  • computer;
  • - special software.
To print images in large formats from A2 to A0 are used plotters – wide format printers. They are quite expensive, so in personal use are rare. But if you want to make a beautiful poster on the piece of paper in large format, you can order it in the organization that provides such services. Usually, wide format plotters installed in the project, architectural workshops, printing presses. Many advertising firms also execute orders for printing of images and diagrams in large formats. Here you can choose and the suitable quality paper, because its density can vary.
If you are critical to the integrity of the sheet of paper on which is printed a poster that you can use to manufacture a regular printer to standard A4 format. In this case, the image will have to glue. Of course, for this you need special software. In the well-known graphic and vector editors: Adobe Photoshop, CorelDrow, Adobe Illustrator, in the print settings, you can set these print options in which the image is divided into rectangular fragments of the appropriate size and printed. You will even be able to set their own margins for bonding.
But to use such expensive and "cumbersome" software there is a possibility not all users. In the Internet you can find free special programs, such as ProPoster. You can use it to print on A4 sheets an image of any size, up to 10 meters in length and width. The program can be useful not only in order to print poster, with its help you can print a draft drawing of the diagram. The program supports all popular graphic formats, allows you to copy tables and charts from Excel and Word.