You will need
  • The printer and supplies.
Start on and prepare the printer to print. Make sure that the input tray has enough paper sheets, the device connected to the computer and refilled with toner.
Take advantage of the capabilities inherent in the software of the printer is the easiest way to print an imagethat does not fit on a single sheet. It requires no additional software - auto separation are the drivers of most modern printing devices. To use, for example, in Windows 7, start run the standard file Manager - Explorer. Press the key combination Win + E, and when the application starts, using the directory tree browse to the folder where the desired image file.
Highlight the image, and then call the send dialog to print. This can be done by clicking on the caption "Print" at the top of the Explorer window, and you can click on a file, right-click and POPs up the context menu, select "Print". This will open a window titled "Printing images".
In the drop-down list under "Printer" select the printer device. In the "paper Size" select the format used sheets, and then click "Settings" in the lower right corner of the window. In the additional dialog you need to click the words "printer Properties" - it starts the driver of this peripheral.
Depending on the type of printer settings window the print settings may look different and the setting may have a different designation. For example, in the Canon driver it is necessary to reveal the drop-down list of "page Layout" and choosing the appropriate line - "Poster 2x2", "3x3 Poster, or 4x4 Poster". And in the settings panel of the printer Xerox this setting is placed in the drop-down list labeled "page Layout". Pick the option of placing a large image into four, nine or sixteen leaves, according to the size of the picture.
Click OK in the panel of the device driver, then the same button in the open dialog of the print settings and finally the "Print" button in the main window, the image is sent to the printer. This will start printing the image in which you will see on the screen the corresponding information message.