You will need
  • - elastic or simple bandage;
  • - ice or cold compress;
  • - painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • - ointments and gels.
When you stretch the ligaments , there is a gap of individual fibers. Her General anatomical continuity is retained. In severe cases, there is a complete rupture of the ligament , and even her separation from the bone. To stretching can result in a drop of the upper part of the shoulder or on an outstretched hand, a sharp pull or jerk of a limb, a blow to the shoulder. The presence of injury indicate pain, swelling, redness or bruising around the shoulder, increasing the temperature in injured tissues, a sharp limitation of movement in the joint.
If you suspect a sprain, consult a doctor. During the inspection specialist will evaluate the severity of the injury and prescribe appropriate treatment.
The treatment starts with a rest for the injured limb. With the help of elastic or a simple bandage apply a firm pressure bandage.
Treatment includes stretching monkeypainand anti-inflammatory therapy of soft tissues. To reduce pain and swelling the first two or three days, 3-4 times attach to the injured joint ice or a cold compress. You can not apply the cold directly into the joint. Pre-wrap the ice pack in a towel. Keep it for 15-20 minutes. In acute injury the first 72 hours, use the anti-inflammatory and painkilling drugs "Aspirin", "Naproxen", "Ibuprofen" or any means, which include paracetamol.
Three days later when the swelling will subside and the pain will decrease, gently begin to heat treatments and massage.
A few days after the injury, remove the pressure bandage. Decreasing pain start doing exercises for restoring mobility – the movement of an arm, circular motion.
Use for treatment creams and gels. This local therapy is very effective for soft tissue injuries. 2-3 times a day massage into skin 3-4 g of ointment. Cover with warm bandage.