What is a Memorandum

Business paper in the form of a Memorandum is informative and Advisory in nature. She is the immediate superior or the head of the organization. A memo can be drafted on the instructions of the leadership and on the initiative of the employee.

The document consists of specific facts in relation to individual questions. In most cases, a memo is the subjective opinion of an employee that are set out in written form. Sometimes in the light of developments in the enterprise Manager it is extremely important to know the views of subordinates to adjust their further actions. Require workers to single-handedly compose a detailed response, complete with its own ideas and recommendations.

As for the subject memos, it may be different from the one-time provision of information to the periodic reporting. In contrast to explanatory letters and memos a memo can be used within the enterprise or to play the role of the reporting document to a higher court.

The reason of writing

A memo is a result of the exit from the control of any process that can cause damage to the enterprise. It was then that the employee may in this way be brought to the attention of the authorities all the information. For example, it can be multiple absences of the responsible person or disregard for the performance targets, which, of course, may adversely affect the results of the entire enterprise. Overall, the document is intended to be the signal for the change in the internal policy, which is implemented at the moment guide.

How to correctly draw memo note

Usually, the document consists of several parts. First, it is necessary to clearly formulate the reason which was the reason for writing the memo. Here is outlined the specific situation and lists the facts. Then quite lucidly encouraged to Express their own opinion about what is happening. It is necessary to analyze a situation from all sides and offer your solution to the problem.

All information must be stated quite succinctly, it should be to keep to the theme of the incident. Unacceptable distortion of fact and statement of speculation that are not supported by the evidence base.

The document is placed on a piece of A4 with the obligatory indication in the upper left corner of the unit. Top right should be placed the information about the addressee of the note. Just below the red line in big letters is written the name of the document and its number, as well as the place of composition.

Then in a rather free form sets out the information which is reinforced by the signature of an employee of the originator of the document.

Before you send your memo should carefully check the reality of all the circumstances.