If the case of abuse, obscene insults and other manifestations of boorish behavior recorded for the first time, enough to make the guilty employee is simply the suggestion in oral form. It is desirable that the observance of the norms of business ethics were recorded in the employment contract, and signed by the employee. If the employment contract with the employee is concluded immediately correct this omission.
Repeated rudeness requires more serious interventions. Try to get written confirmation of the offense. The entry made by the buyer or client in the complaints book, or a memo line Manager is grounds for imposing disciplinary sanctions for violation of labor regulations (article 81 of the Labour code).
Demand a letter of explanation from the guilty employee. If he refuses to write it, make the act of refusal and reassure him by the signatures of two employees. On the basis of written evidence proving the offence, make an order for the reprimand and inform him guilty under the signature.
The letter of reprimand to specify what damage the company has caused incorrect behavior of the employee. Violation of the working discipline, the failure of the meeting or training, the loss of an important customer or contract, damage to the image of the company – all this may be due to the boorish behavior of the employee.
Don't forget about the Statute of limitations. To declare a collection you need not later than one month after discovery of the offense. If the employee is on vacation or sick leave, this period is extended, but not more than six months.
If you are not satisfied with the conduct of the employee, and you've decided to fire him, pay close attention to his behavior. Control it via the line Manager or partner. An employee with disciplinary action, it is much more vulnerable. Now it can be dismissed even for a few delays – especially if you manage to prove that these offenses affect workflow.
Repeated rudeness is even more serious violation. If you find it, declare the employee another reprimand. Two or three relapse can be a valid reason for dismissal on the grounds of repeated violation of labor discipline.