Advice 1: How to write a report for teachers

Memo you can write on any employee organization. School memoranda allowable for students and teachers. If you do not agree with the actions of the teacher, present the claim in an official document and provide it to the principal of the school.
How to write a report for teachers
Create a memo under the existing rules. They are standard for such documents. In the beginning, in the header you specify from whom and to whom this paper is written. Then set out the essence of the claim, expressed discontent with something. The third part is the recommendation, what actions are required to resolve this issue.
In the "cap" - section, which is located in the top of the page on the right, specify who is being addressed in this paper. On the first line of the post and the name of the organization, for example, the Director of MOU SOSH № 333. On the second row — surname, name, patronymic of this person. Next line — the position or status of the person writing a memo. For example, the pupil 11"A" class, and then a name in genitive.
Back off a few lines. In the center of the paper, place the header: MEM. With a small letter. At the end of the set point. Sometimes you can still write in capital letters. In this case, the end point is not put.
Describe what happened after the title. Reflect in detail the past events that caused your dissatisfaction that the behavior of a specific person you consider unacceptable. Don't forget to include the name and position of the person who write the memo.
Write what action you want to have been made because of what happened. What you require, making this note. Properly evaluate what can be implemented. For example, not every action can be the reason for the dismissal.
Turn in a report on teacher response, which in your opinion, will further help to avoid such situations. Give advice, but try to avoid evaluations of the actions of the teacher.
At the end of the memo date and signature. Pass this paper to the addressee.
To write a memo today from the hand or on the computer. The second method is more convenient. He is welcome in most organizations, including at school. But nobody can refuse to accept a document that is written manually.

Advice 2: How to write memo to employee

The full official name of the document is a memo. This genre is currently in Vogue mainly in state institutions and large companies. In the small and medium business conflict situations for which a report is used, often solved verbally, but sometimes used in written form.
How to write memo to employee
You will need
  • computer;
  • printer;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - fountain pen.
Memo to apply the same requirements as for most formal documents. It should be information, who (the head of Department or organization) and from whom it is addressed.
All these data are placed in the upper right corner of the document, and the section referred to as the "cap".
The first line indicates the position of the addressee of the memo, below - the organization name, then last name with initials.
More below in the same order, except for the organization name: title and surname with the initials of the author of the memo. If the post is long, it may span more than one row.
Under the "cap", usually with the retreat of several lines is written the name of the document - a memo. This is usually done in small letters, at the end of a dot. Also let the option when it is typed in big letters, the point is not put.
In any case, to place the name should be in the middle of the line (when typing in text editor - using alignment center).
Below outlines the incident served as a pretext for writing a report: which of the colleagues, subordinates or senior positions, when and under what circumstances, what was done and why these actions the author of the report considers unacceptable.
To invoke, arguing the inadmissibility of the action, not only on the norms of the current legislation, but also with internal rules, where appropriate, to appeal to the harmful consequences of the offense for the enterprise (for example, disruption of production schedule due to the fact that the employee without good reason has not complied or is not timely completed its work). If the actions that gave rise to the report, damage was caused to the firm, it is also necessary to specify.
After completing the presentation of the incident, you need to go to what the author of the report asks the addressee. Usually, it is assumed the adoption of certain measures to restore order.
Under the text of the memo date. Then the finished document is printed and certified by signature.

The authors may be several. In this case, all the lists in the "cap" and painted by the report.

Then the document transmitted to the addressee in person, via the Secretary or on the corporate mail.
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