Document the fact of misconduct that constitutes a disciplinary breach or failure to perform job duties. It can be in the form of a Memorandum, the act (in the absence at work or failure to perform their duties), the Commission's decisions based on the results of investigation of the facts that led to the damage or violation of business ethics, confidentiality of information).
These documents shall be prepared separately or in the aggregate. For example, if a worker for an unknown reason, is absent from the workplace, this one draws up a memo, then the absence of a confirmed act. The labour code does not establish the obligation of the employer to acquaint the employee with these documents.
According to article 193 of the labour code the employee must receive a written explanation of the incident. Give him the opportunity to tell if he has a good reason disciplinary action. Form explanatory notes – arbitrary, in that case, if the employee is willing to provide, a written request can not be issued. If the employee refuses to provide explanation, will issue such a demand and give him by hand. In case of failure, it is necessary to draw up a statement about it.
The period of providing the explanatory notes shall be two business days following the day on which it was required to write an explanation. In case of failure within this period, we will issue the corresponding act. Along with a document confirming the request an explanation from the employee, this act is grounds for a reprimand, even without explanatory notes.
If the note is submitted, the actions, your actions depend on how respectful is the reason given by the employee in the explanatory note. If she's respectful, in the opinion of the employer, then the reprimand shall not apply.
In order to reprimand reflect the surname, name and patronymic of the employee, his position, structural unit, the offense committed to them and links to broken items of labor legislation or the agreement. The order also reflect the circumstances of the offense and degree of guilt, the kind of imposed disciplinary sanctions.
In the work book entry of received pronunciation is not paid, it may be reflected only in a personal card stored in the personnel Department. In the presence of a reprimand, the employer has the right not to pay the employee fully or partially of material rewards, and in case of repeated violation – to dismiss him. Automatically reprimand removed after a year.