You will need
  • the identity document, ATM, credit card, card details, pen, computer, Internet, mobile phone.
ATMs are found in almost every village. For every transaction with a card you must insert a Bank card into the card slot. Use the keypad to enter the ATM PIN code, combination of numbers, which you have given along with the card in the envelope when it is received or sent in the mail. Click on the monitor account status or balance. The amount of funds available on the plastic card, you can display or print on the receipt.
Each Bank has its own website. Go to the main page of the website of the Bank where you have registered your Bank card. Please register on it. Specify your surname, name, patronymic, number of the plastic card, account number, mobile phone number. Enter the code that will be sent to you via SMS. The operator of Bank will contact you and tell you how to be identified on the site and use provided by the services in full. After registration is complete, you will be able to know the status of your account on your Bank card from home by entering a username and password.
To receive notification messages about movement of funds on the credit card activate the service of mobile Bank. Come into the office and let us know what your request to enable this service. For the use of it monthly from the account will be charged the monthly fee.
Call the support service of the Bank in which you opened a Bank card. Turn the phone into tone mode. Using instructions of the answering machine, enter the required data and will receive information about the account status on your card.
At the Bank's branch where you have registered your card, or Central office, show the document proving the identity, data card, say the code word you invented in the contract with the Bank. Write a letter asking for information about the status of your account. After verification of the submitted information, the Bank officer will write you a receipt with the amount that is on your card. Sign to confirm the use of the service rendered to you by a Bank employee.