To see the card details in "Sberbank Online", go to the official page of the service, a link to which you will find below. To log in use the username and password given to you by the Bank when concluding a customer agreement. If you haven't registered, do this by selecting the function "Registration". To complete the operation you will need a credit card and mobile phone.
Click on the name of your card in Sberbank Online to find out its details. Click on the tab "Information on the map." Here you will see the account number card holder's name and balance. To get even more detailed information, select "transfer Details on the score card". A new window will appear that displays information such as the full name of the beneficiary Bank and BIC, correspondent account, INN, KPP, OKPO and bin.
If you have a slow Internet or connection to it is missing for technical reasons, the details of their card of Sberbank it is possible by phone of free hot line 8 (800) 555 55 50. As soon as the connection with operator is established, what are the full name, selected at the conclusion of the customer contract, the code word and then your question.
You can also visit any of the nearest branches of the savings Bank and, presenting the passport and the card to request their banking details. In addition, find all the documents issued to you by Bank staff at the conclusion of the contract. One of the sheets should contain detailed information about your account and credit card details.