Press first ctrl + e then shift + 6 to insert into the text of the document, the opening quotation mark in the text processor Microsoft Office Word. To insert the closing quotation mark of the same type after pressing ctrl + "e", use the combination shift + U.
Another way to insert these quotes in Microsoft Word is to use a special command, which allows you to convert the character codes into their corresponding icons. This command is invoked by pressing ctrl + x (this is a Latin letter). To insert an opening quotation mark, type the Unicode value 00AB (here Latin letters) and then press ctrl + x. Word will be removed from the text you entered 4 characters, but instead they put a single opening quotation mark. To embed in the text the same closing quotation mark, use the same sequence of operations with code 00BB.
Use the ASCII codes for quotes-fur-trees in a way that works not only in Word, but also in other programs. Press alt and, while holding down the dial on additional (digital) keyboard a four digit ASCII code for the character you want. To insert an opening quote, use code 0171, and the closing quote code is 0187.
If you need to put quotation marks in the source code of the HTML document, you can use "character primitives" of the language - the sequence of characters " displays in the page's opening quote, and the sequence " - closing. In addition, it is also possible to use ASCII codes and replace « « and ” - to ».