To highlight the entire text press Ctrl + A (A - in Latin). The cursor can be anywhere in the text, it will not affect the selection.
If you want to select all the text starting from the position specified to the end of the document, set the input cursor to the desired location and press the three keys: Ctrl + Shift + End.
Text selection in reverse direction from a certain position to beginning of document - encrypt using the same method, but replacing one of the key combinations. Move the cursor to the desired location and press Ctrl + Shift + Home.
To highlight the section of the string starting from the cursor position and ending right box, use Ctrl + End. To select text in the opposite direction - from the input cursor to beginning of line - designed combination Ctrl + Nome.
To allocate an arbitrary number of rows by using the navigation keys - up and down arrows. Press Shift and hold it, while using these arrows do not scroll to the desired number of rows. Please note that the allocation will start from the current cursor position, so to enable the original string is completely worth it to move to the beginning or end of this string.
Left and right arrows it is possible to allocate an arbitrary amount of characters, use them, hold down the Shift key.
If you hold down Shift to add and Ctrl, then using the arrows left and right you can select text not individual characters and whole words. If it is necessary to select a fragment from the cursor to the beginning or end of the current paragraph, with the same service keys use the up or down arrows.