Emoticons on the keyboard are made by means of signs, numbers or letters. For example, a colon or equal sign stands for eyes, dash nose, and the mouth mimics the brace. Depending on what kind of brace put, you can get both happy and sad smiley.

Here are examples of funny faces: ":-)" or "=)" or ":)" (quotation marks not to put).
And this is sad: ":-(" or ":(" or "=(" (quotation marks not to put).
To transmit the contagious laughter, the laughter, put a colon and a capital English letter D. it Should turn out like this: ":D" (quotation marks not to put).
Wink do with semicolons and brackets. You can add a spout in the form of a dash. For example: ";-)" or ";)" (quotation marks not to put).
Weeping and tears are passed using colons, apostrophes and brackets. The apostrophe on the keyboard do on the English layout. To do this, click "e" or "e". You get this face: ":`(" or ":'(" (quotation marks not to put).
Puzzlement or frustration, do the following: put a colon after the dash in the left end of the slash, which is located on the keyboard to the right of the letter "e". To obtain the result is just a smiley face: ":-\" (quotes not to put).
Make kissing smiley face using the colon, dash and asterisks. The latter can be put on a button added to the keyboard with numbers and signs or by pressing simultaneously the shift key and the number "8" on the main keyboard. The kiss looks like this: ":-*" (the quotes are not set).
Granadina smiley showing tongue do a colon and English letter, a capital letter P that can be replaced with Russian capital "P". The result is: ":P" (the quotes are not set).
Angry, angry smiley on keyboard is done using a colon, a dash and two vertical sticks that are put through the button to the right of the letter "e". They are made in English layout and simultaneously with the shift key held down . You should get here is a combination of: ":-||" (quotes not to put).
The surprise is passed through the mouth of the emoticon, which do uppercase Russian letter "O" or digit "0". Get this: ":-0" face or figure ":-O" with the letter (quotation marks not to put).