You will need
  • Computer;
  • - graphic editor;
  • - graphic layout with text.
Abobe Photoshop: In bitmap image editors operation similar to transfer fonts to curves in the vector is called "rasterization".Open the layers palette if it is not in the workspace. You can do it through "Windows" menu or by pressing F7. Find in the palette the text layers are marked with icon in the form of the letter T. If more than one, select them all by clicking the left mouse button, holding down the Shift key.Adobe Illustrator: If your layout a large number of text objects, you will quickly find them all the following menu items: "Select - Object - Text objects". You will see that all the text in the file highlighted. If the text object is only one, just highlight it with the tool "Selection".In CorelDraw: To highlight all text objects use the menu "Edit - Select All - Text".
In Abobe Photoshop: Use the menu "Layer", and subparagraphs "Rasterize - Type".In Abobe Illustrator: Open the menu "Type" and select "Create Outlines". Or just press Shift+Ctrl+O. In CorelDraw: go to the menu "Arrange" item "Convert to curves". Or use the shortcut Ctrl+Q.