To double quotation marks looked like "Christmas trees" ("text"), switch to enter text in Cyrillic. To do this, press the key combination "Alt" and "Shift" or "Ctrl"and "Shift" or click on the flag icon on the taskbar in the lower right corner of the screen. Hold down the Shift key, press the number "2" on the main keyboard panel.
If you need to change double quotation marks for "feet" ("text"), switch to text input in Latin. Hold down the Shift key, press"", it corresponds to the letter key "a" in Cyrillic.
Insert non-standard quotation marks ("text" or " text ") and other method. Place the cursor in the desired location of the text, click on the tab "Insert" and call the dialog box from the section "Symbols". To do this, click on the "Symbol" and select "Other characters" by clicking on it with the left mouse button.
In the opened window select the desired font in the "Set" set "punctuation" from the dropdown menu. From the list of symbols, select those quotes that you like best. Click the "Insert" button and close the dialog box. Each time not to call the dialog box of the symbols in the further text, copy pasted characters to the clipboard and paste them using the mouse or combination of keys "Shift" and "Insert" or "Ctrl" and "V".
To put single quotation marks, switch to the Latin alphabet by holding down the Shift key, press "'" (the letter "e" in Cyrillic) is for the top quotes. Key "," (the letter "B" in Cyrillic) is used to lower quotes.
In the Cyrillic layout of the keyboard press and hold Ctrl, and then two times press "E" to put the upper single quotation mark. For lower single quotation marks, double-click on the key "a", hold down the "Ctrl"key.
If you need to replace all the quotation marks used in the text, on the Home tab, click the tab "Edit" "Replace". Dialog box opens, in the first Find field, enter the quotation marks you want to fix. In the field "Replace by" enter quotes that you would like to see in the text. Click "Replace all". Perform this step separately for the opening and closing quotes.
The principle of operation in MS Word version 2007 is similar to that described, only the command "Symbol" is called from the menu "Insert" and "Replace" from the menu "edit". In any other editor, the principle of substitution of quotation marks is also not significantly different. To replace quotes in Notepad (e.g. AkelPad), select the top menu item "Find" and choose "Replace". If you can't type the quotation marks of the form "Christmas trees" ("text"), invoke the menu from the section "edit the command "Insert symbol" and select quotes from the list or simply copy them from another document and paste into the required field on the window replacement.