You will need
  • The keys "Shift", "2", "e", maybe "Ctrl", "C", "V". The commands "Copy" and "Paste".
Place the cursor before the word (sentence or abrasem) that you plan to enclose it in quotation marks. If this word is written in English or another foreign language, the correct use of quotation marks-of the legs ("...") or their varieties - computer quotes. The look of "feet" in the form of two small dashes-commas, which are placed slightly above the words in front of him and at the end of it. In turn, words and phrases in the Russian language are quotation marks "Christmas tree". They are displayed in the reduced double digits, "less than" (<<) and greater than (>>), which emit a word or phrase on both sides.
In order to insert quotation marks "Christmas tree" on the keyboard, find the Shift key. It is located in two places - right under the "Enter" button, and on the left, under the button "Caps Lock". Then simultaneously press Shift and a number key "2" which is also depicted quotes. Then, before the word where the cursor is positioned, open quotation marks "Christmas tree". Similarly, close the quotation marks, put the cursor at the end of the desired word and pressing the same key combination. If you need to add the quotes-paws, go to the English language (Alt + Shift). Then press Shift + Russian letter "e" (which also painted the top two commas).
Some software and keyboard can't insert quotation marks "Christmas tree", instead adding "feet". In this situation, you will need knowledge of how to insert quotation marks, using a simple method to copy elements from one text to another. This method is especially useful for novice users who do not yet know all the intricacies of the keyboard. Select with the left mouse button the desired quotes. Then right-click on the selected object. Select from the list of commands "Copy". To insert quotation marks in the text or another text editor, set the cursor in the required place of insertion. Similarly, click the right mouse button and select "Paste". Then copied the quotation marks will appear in place of the cursor.