There are several rules that we put quotation marks when writing. To remember them easily. The main thing - to understand why we put quotes in a particular case.In quotation marks, as a rule, we conclude the phrase I want to highlight for some reason. Punctuation can not "break" the quotation marks and the phrase - in this case, is a unified whole.
Question mark and the exclamation mark we put before the quotation marks only if they belong to those words that are enclosed in quotation marks.For example, if we use the phrase "who are the judges?", you'll have to put the question mark inside the quotation marks.
But if punctuation marks are the meaning of the entire sentence (and the words enclosed in quotes), exclamation, question mark and ellipsis placed after the quotation marks.For example: We will go to watch the movie "Twilight"?
In this case, if before the closing quotation marks is a question or exclamation mark, you need to carefully read the text and decide what the role of the quoted phrase in the sentence, whether after the pause.
Pay attention to the punctuation marks, which are before and after quotes. The same sign after the quotes are not repeated. But varies, depending on the context and the quotation marks are placed before and after them."If before the closing quotation marks is a question or an exclamation sign, the same sign is not repeated after the quotation marks; uneven markings if required under the terms of the context are placed before the closing quotation marks and after them."If we are talking about the expression "Forward, attack!", the exclamation point after the quotation marks do not put. But if the sentence looks like: "He really said "go, attack!"?, the question mark should be put after quotation marks.
No need to omit the comma before the opening quotation marks. But if the phrase or sentence that is enclosed in quotation marksshould end with a comma, and the text after it continues to put a comma not followed.For example, "But the time came when "the old man, obsessed with the figure" could not hold a brush", "Remember "how fair, how fresh were the roses."