On the page with the desired video check block codeom for pasting into a blog or other purposes. This is usually done rarely, but some resources support this function. Also, this information can be obtained by setting previously an additional element to view the source codeand record.
In cases when the page is no code video find out his source code. This is done differently in all browsers, some via the menu "View", some of the shortcut menu, and so on. Click on view the source codeand pages and find the link to the file with the extension video, is most common .flv. Copy the link, separating it from the rest of the text.
If you often use the function of downloading videos from different websites like or download and install into your browser a special plugin for multimedia content. You can find them from the menu browser, such as Explorer or Mozilla Firefox on various sites dedicated to the program.
When choosing plugins, be very careful, as many use them as spyware or malware that steal cookies, then your accounts on various sites can be used for fraudulent purposes. It is best choose to install those components that have the most positive user reviews.
If you need to download a video, load it fully in the browser window, then open the folder on your computer where temporary files downloaded from the Internet. Find viewed the video and copy it to another folder on the computer. This should be done quickly until the temporary folder is not cleared on their own.