The process of writing rules involves several steps. First, you need to decide on the need to create rules in a specific situation. This document is needed if the activities subject to regulation, constantly repeats the stages of its implementation remained virtually unchanged over a long period of time.
Secondly, should organize the people who will create the regulations. As a rule, for one person to do it is difficult. After all, if the production process is long and laborious, almost impossible to cover all aspects of it. Therefore, when writing rules, you need to decide on those who will participate in the design and appoint the project Manager. It is necessary that the group was attended by theorists and practice to the regulations was the most objective.
Then there is the discussion and the creation of the rules. It implies consideration of the individual stages of work and fixing concrete steps on paper. In the end it should be manual with a detailed description of the workflow. While this is only a draft.
After the draft will be read by all employees participating in the creation of the rules, you need to make additions and changes. It is better to discuss together to make the final conclusion on the creation of the rules.
Ready regulations passed on the approval of the leadership, and then published as a separate document. If it is very large, each Department made a statement, which shall include provisions for only his work.