You will need
  • - employment contract;
  • - internal legal acts.
According to the Labour code of the Russian Federation, you have the right to establish any form of payment for the work of the seller and fix the internal regulations of the enterprise, as well as a method of payment in the employment contract concluded with the seller for employment.
Regardless of whether you pay a fixed amount of wages, the combined (wage + a percentage of sales or profit), to practice an hourly wage, to pay a fixed amount for access, cash for work should be paid at least twice per month with equal intervals.
The most successful form of payment, which creates incentives for sellers - fixed rate per outlet or per month plus a percentage of revenues. Sellers will work with maximum efficiency to increase wages by selling maximum number of goods.
It is acceptable to pay for labour sellers daily or weekly basis that is most commonly used when working in the market, in a tent or in a small branch because for small volumes of product easy to hold inventory records at the end of the work shift.
Before issuing wage perform inventory records. If the shortage is not identified, pay for work in full in accordance with the instructions of the employment contract and the internal legal acts of the enterprise.
In cases of shortage guide clearance in accordance with the labor laws, make the act, obtain from the seller an explanation, check the equipment that produced the receipt and sale of goods. You have the right to terminate the seller for distrust and calculate the full amount of the deficiency from the calculation termination. If the amount is large, calculates 25% of wages or contact your a lawsuit in court if you fired the seller.