Advice 1: How to organize the work in the personnel Department

In small organizations the function of personnel services and HR administration is often an additional duty of the Secretary or accountant. But with the development of the company and increase the number of its employees you can not do without the creation of a personnel Department. For every 100-150 people you will need to enter 1 employee of the Department.
How to organize the work in the personnel Department
Decide how many employees will work in the Department of personnel. Modern personnel management in addition to traditional personnel records, document management and publication orders on the staff composition includes and other tasks. This methodological development for the selection of candidates, organization of cooperation with recruitment agencies, creating and updating database of applicants. The personnel Department should also monitor the implementation of official duties by employees of the enterprise, to organize their training and certification, to oversee the issues of labor and wages.
The division of responsibilities between the employees of the personnel Department in accordance with these objectives. If necessary, create a group of a few people who will be engaged in selected directions. Write the position of the Department of personnel and job descriptions for every job. In the position of the Department of personnel list of its main tasks and functions. Identify those rights which are vested in the members of the personnel Department and their responsibility. Prescribe in the document how you will communicate with the other structural units.
Prepare a list of regulatory documents which employee staffing services your company will be guided by in their work. Consider whether the development and publication of local regulations that will apply in your company.
Make a range of cases, which will lead the HR Department in the company. Develop forms of statistical reporting, determine the frequency of compiling and reporting personnel accountability. Develop requirements for registration of personnel documentation, check its legitimacy. Develop a position about the archive, define retention periods of documents.
Consider the issues of optimization of work of HR Department, automation. Purchase specialized software, conduct training and implement it in your company.

Advice 2 : What are the duties of inspector of Department personnel

Inspector of the personnel Department (Manager HR administration) refers to the service personnel. He had important work documents that requires practical skills and excellent knowledge of employment legislation. Over recent decades there has been a clear distinction between the functions of the inspector of the personnel Department and other professionals of service of staff.
Inspector of the personnel Department - 100% of the beneficial profession!
The primary duty of the inspector of the personnel Department - work with documents. There was a time when he was engaged in document management, records management, interviewed when applying for a job, perform the functions of Supervisory authority for the protection of labour, the company solved management issues with the heads of departments.

When there was a distribution of roles among all employees service personnel job descriptions had been prescribed the duties, rights and responsibilities of inspector personnel.

A thorough approach to the design documents and validation of their filling - that is what distinguishes an experienced professional HR administration.

Three "whales" of personnel work

Knowledge such inspector of the personnel Department simply can not do:

1. The labour code and its latest changes (amendments).
2. Rules of conducting and storage of work record cards, manufacturing of forms of employment record and provide their employers.
3. The program "1C: Salary and personnel Management (public institutions working on the platform "1C: Salary and Personnel").

Accordingly, these three parameters it is necessary to know perfectly.

What skills should an inspector of the personnel Department?

1. To form individual files for each employee.
2. To issue orders on employment, transfer, dismissal.
3. Filling, maintain records and keep employment records in accordance with the labor laws.
4. Keep a record of the provision of regular holiday in the enterprise.
5. To monitor compliance with vacation schedule.
6. To issue orders for the grant of leave without pay.
7. Reporting on the quantitative and qualitative composition of employees.
8. To prepare all necessary documents for registration of employees into retirement.
9. Daily enter relevant data in the register of working time.
10. To fill sick leave.
11. To analyze the reasons for the dismissal of employees.
12. Prepare documents for submission to the archive for storage.
13. To exercise control over the observance of labour discipline on manufacture, etc. etc.

This list can be continued indefinitely. It all depends on the internal standards of the company and its personnel policy.

Qualities that should be possessed by the inspector of the personnel Department

The specificity of the work of the inspector of the personnel Department is the proper paperwork and properly stored. Therefore, the inspector of the personnel Department should be attentive, responsible, diligent. But it's not just paperwork.

Inspector of the personnel Department should be able to comply with the formalities. But every paper does not forget about employees.

Always be pleasant with your colleagues!
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