Determine what type of document it is necessary to develop for your organization: a model, sample or individual. A typical and exemplary situation, develop subordinate organizations, departments, branches and representative offices, of the same importance in the hierarchy of controls and performing the same activities. Individual Provisions of the organization are developed on the basis of the model and estimated.
The situation about the organization match on a standard sheet of A4 paper, provide in the upper right margin of sheet the stamp of approval of the parent organization, he subsequently shall be signed and certified with the appropriate seal. Write under it in the middle the name of the document, it should be one with a title to the text.
In the main text of the paper should be the sections which are General provisions, describes the main tasks and functions, and specifies the rights and responsibilities. Right, set the volume, which are necessary to implement those functions that are assigned to this organization. This can be, for example, the right to correspondence, the implementation of any activity, publication of normative and administrative documents, the right to request information and issue regulations.
In the position of the organization describe how the leadership of the organization, its relationship with the authorities. Indicate in a separate section of the control procedure, inspection and audit of documents and activities for reorganization and liquidation.
To the document was legally valid, approve it to the higher authority. As a rule, the approval of the regulation on the organization of administrative documents held by a higher organization. It can also be approved directly by the head of the body without proper documents.